The Bringer of Night

Session 2 - A New God Is Born

I Am Colin. Worship Me!

After the carnage of last session, the PCs and crew are picking through the remains of the pyramid and the wreckage of the ship for salvageable materials and valuable articles, when they are suddenly attacked by a band of natives who appear from the forest.

They fire a volley of shots then charge to engage, 4 from each side. Karik counter-charges the group from the West alone, catching them in the trees, hampered by hanging vines. Karik’s razor sharp and rather heavy axe is totally unimpeded by the vines, it slices through them like cobwebs.
Everybody else, (except Colin, who flees and climbs up into the ship) takes on the group attacking from the East. Karik wins his side of the fight, slicing all four opponents in half (3 with one swing). The crew also win their engagement, killing only one and wounding the others. Colin spent most of the combat looking round the ship for a ranged weapon, finally finding a bow but not getting a chance to fire it before the combat was won.

Otl-Otl while not totally familiar with this tribe’s dialect is able to communicate a little with the tribesmen. They worshipped Quezlekuaka as a god and were taking revenge for his slaying.

Karik had the idea to present Colin to the tribes people as their new god, which they swallowed hook, line and sinker, and asked them if they had any boat building ability. The tribe make extensive use of boats, (though they tend to fashion temporary vessels out of softer wood) and agreed to lead the crew back to their village.

Just before they set off back to the village, a gold trimmed pot which Karik was carrying starts talking to him. He thinks that their must be some creature inside the pot so starts shaking it. It sounds like it is filled with sand. He tips it upside down. Sand falls out. He stamps the sand into the ground and walks off.

The village receive the crew warmly, welcoming Colin as their new god. They are all treated well and are fed and given beds for the night.

The next day, Karik hears the voice again. It is Gur, The Sun-God. He explains that the dragon Quetzlkuaka stole his pyramid and forced the local villagers to worship him instead. He makes a bargain with Karik. If Karik can get the villagers to start worshipping him again then he will return the Lightstone which Karik lost.(“It is now in my domain”) Karik agrees and tells the villagers that they must start worshipping Gur again.

The villagers are not keen on the idea at first as they like their new god Colin so much, but when it turns out that Colin is the god of Night and darkness, the village elders decree that their is no overlap between the spheres of influence between Gur and Colin and the village adopts both as their deities.

To be continued



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