The Bringer of Night

Session 4 - A Big Fight

Not much happened this session, except for a big fight.

The Dragon’s Head set off from the Rock, heading back to Blighty.
A few days into their journey, a ship was spotted, a ship which appeared to be on an interception course for the Dragon’s Head.

Colin tried to get the Gale Ring (looted from Captain Baha) to work but fluffed his arcane knowledge roll twice. He then handed the ring to Karik who also failed to activate it.

As the ship came closer, the Pirate Flag was raised.

The crew decided to fight it out. Some shots were exchanged and the Dragon’s Head’s rigging was damaged. With the Dragon’s Head unable to flee, the pirates managed to grapple the ship and prepared to board.

Karik was ready to repel boarders, killing one before he even set foot on the ship. A big fight ensued, taking up the rest of the session. All of the Dragon’s Head’s crew was killed except for Mack and the PCs. 6 pirates survived and were pressed into service.



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