The Bringer of Night

Session 4 - A Big Fight

Not much happened this session, except for a big fight.

The Dragon’s Head set off from the Rock, heading back to Blighty.
A few days into their journey, a ship was spotted, a ship which appeared to be on an interception course for the Dragon’s Head.

Colin tried to get the Gale Ring (looted from Captain Baha) to work but fluffed his arcane knowledge roll twice. He then handed the ring to Karik who also failed to activate it.

As the ship came closer, the Pirate Flag was raised.

The crew decided to fight it out. Some shots were exchanged and the Dragon’s Head’s rigging was damaged. With the Dragon’s Head unable to flee, the pirates managed to grapple the ship and prepared to board.

Karik was ready to repel boarders, killing one before he even set foot on the ship. A big fight ensued, taking up the rest of the session. All of the Dragon’s Head’s crew was killed except for Mack and the PCs. 6 pirates survived and were pressed into service.

Session 3 - Using My Religion

The session began with the PCs, Karik and Colin(aka Aargh, The God Of Night), Aargh’s disciple, Etlan and the survivors of the crew of the Fire Drake travelling East on from the village of Huatihuati to the large city, Altepetl (Translation into common is “Settlement” and that is how most Old Worlders refer to it.
They arrive without incident and most of the crew start to unload the cargo.
Colin gives Etlan his blessing and, with a dismissive couple of palm-taps on the side of the face, tells him to go forth and spread his word and establish the first Church of Aargh.
Then the P.C.s, accompanied by Otlotl, the interpreter, set out into the city for a look around.
Altepetl is quite a large, densely populated City with a fairly small centre where the buildings are mostly stone. The buildings in the outer areas are mostly made of wood, even the upmarket ones. Until recently it was quite a small town but around 20 years ago it became the most important trade port between the Old World and the New World. Since then it has grown dramatically.
After some Grasshopper skewers and spiced fish, our intrepid crew decide to try to further their cause by attempting to perform some healing miracles.
A crowded corner in the poor end of town is found to be the perfect venue for such an enterprise. I shall try to describe what happened next:

Colin, a skinny, white teenager, dressed in his heavy robes with Metal Stars and Moons sewn into them, complete with conical wizard’s hat stands on the corner. Karik, a dwarf (also white) dressed in a chainmail hauberk and a full face helmet stands to his right brandishing a length of wood which has a golden dragon’s head and a ship’s bell attached to it. Otlotl looks a lot more like the locals (he actually is a local), chestnut coloured skin and a rather brief costume of feathers held together with leather that is rather more appropriate to the tropical climate.
Colin starts to preach about his powers as the god of night (Otlotl is translating), and asks for a cripple to be brought forth for healing. Punctuating the speech is Karik, shouting “Praise Aargh!” and shaking the dragon’s head stick with the bell on it.
Otlotl brings out a man from the crowd and proceeds to improvise a faith healing ritual. The man is taken in a clearly wants to be healed so he manages to take a few painful steps on his bad leg before Karik swiftly takes him over to one side and sits him down again.
Next up is a blind woman who also goes along with the charade. An intent observer could clearly tell that she is still blind as a bat but fortunately for our PCs, all the sceptics wandered off leaving only rapturous followers.
A group of about 15 people pledge to become followers of Aargh and they are sent off to find “my disciple” Etlan and follow him. (with a couple of dismissive palm-taps on the side of the face of course)
The PCs then change into civvies, do some shopping, buying 6 barrels of cargo to sell back home (without checking with Baha if there is room in the hold, luckily there is), a monkey and a parrot, an ornamental Jaguar-Spear (please add anything I’ve missed).
Next up, an evening of hard drinking, which is rudely interrupted by a gang of local xenophobes. A brawl ensues, OtlOtl dives under a table, Karik wades in and starts swinging fists, Colin starts firing Magic Bolts around. The PCs are easily winning the fight but suddenly, for no reason anyone but Colin can fathom, Colin decides to step up his bolts and fire maximum strength bolts. One of these new high-strength bolts hits one of the gang, killing him instantly in a rather gruesome fashion.
Everybody stops what they are doing and stare, many people wanting to attack Colin but being too scared to act. The party quietly get their things and walk back to the ship.

In the morning, the town officials send word to the captain of the Fire Drake that their ship is no longer welcome in Altepetl and they set off back for Blighty.

The ship is undercrewed (the crew that Baha hired didn’t show up) so work is hard on the ship, everyone is knackered, the PCs go to sleep. While they sleep, Captain Baha turns the ship around and starts sailing back to Hautihauti. He sends three crew to the PCs cabin to subdue them and tie them up. His plan is to kill Colin in front of the people of Huatihuati in the hopes that they will accept him as their new god.

Unfortunately for Baha and his crew, Colin/Aarghs powers as the god of night are beginning to develop and while he sleeps he becomes one with the night, with supernatural awareness of what is going on. He wakes up just before the crew burst through the door and manages to wake Karik. With both Karik and Colin awake, they easily defeat the three airmen. Then they tie them up with their own rope and start to drag them to the deck.

Just before they get to the ladder that leads to the deck, Baha and his first mate Cregg burst out of on of the cabins and start a fight. Colin scarpers to fetch some more rope. Karik defeats Baha and Cregg and ties them up(when Colin gets back, obv).

They threaten the crew and get the story out of them. Baha and Cregg are forced to walk the plank. The rest of the crew are spared, to man the ship.

Now the ship is even more undercrewed so making it back to Blighty might be a bit difficult. The nearest place they can get to (without going back to the New World) is The Rock, a floating island over the middle of the Atlas sea.

At the rock they sell some of the cargo and do some other stuff (update when you find out)

Session 2 - A New God Is Born
I Am Colin. Worship Me!

After the carnage of last session, the PCs and crew are picking through the remains of the pyramid and the wreckage of the ship for salvageable materials and valuable articles, when they are suddenly attacked by a band of natives who appear from the forest.

They fire a volley of shots then charge to engage, 4 from each side. Karik counter-charges the group from the West alone, catching them in the trees, hampered by hanging vines. Karik’s razor sharp and rather heavy axe is totally unimpeded by the vines, it slices through them like cobwebs.
Everybody else, (except Colin, who flees and climbs up into the ship) takes on the group attacking from the East. Karik wins his side of the fight, slicing all four opponents in half (3 with one swing). The crew also win their engagement, killing only one and wounding the others. Colin spent most of the combat looking round the ship for a ranged weapon, finally finding a bow but not getting a chance to fire it before the combat was won.

Otl-Otl while not totally familiar with this tribe’s dialect is able to communicate a little with the tribesmen. They worshipped Quezlekuaka as a god and were taking revenge for his slaying.

Karik had the idea to present Colin to the tribes people as their new god, which they swallowed hook, line and sinker, and asked them if they had any boat building ability. The tribe make extensive use of boats, (though they tend to fashion temporary vessels out of softer wood) and agreed to lead the crew back to their village.

Just before they set off back to the village, a gold trimmed pot which Karik was carrying starts talking to him. He thinks that their must be some creature inside the pot so starts shaking it. It sounds like it is filled with sand. He tips it upside down. Sand falls out. He stamps the sand into the ground and walks off.

The village receive the crew warmly, welcoming Colin as their new god. They are all treated well and are fed and given beds for the night.

The next day, Karik hears the voice again. It is Gur, The Sun-God. He explains that the dragon Quetzlkuaka stole his pyramid and forced the local villagers to worship him instead. He makes a bargain with Karik. If Karik can get the villagers to start worshipping him again then he will return the Lightstone which Karik lost.(“It is now in my domain”) Karik agrees and tells the villagers that they must start worshipping Gur again.

The villagers are not keen on the idea at first as they like their new god Colin so much, but when it turns out that Colin is the god of Night and darkness, the village elders decree that their is no overlap between the spheres of influence between Gur and Colin and the village adopts both as their deities.

To be continued

Session 1 - Voyage to The New World
I'm an adventurer, get me out of here!

Colin and Karik found a place in the crew of the Fire Drake, a merchant air-ship carrying steel weapons to a country in the new world called Grehico.
The captain of the Fire Drake is a very grizzled old captain called Baha. He is missing an eye and a leg.
Karik, unfamiliar with the ways of humans, was about to get himself into trouble with the crew when Colin stopped him from speaking, saving him from humiliation and possibly a violent confrontation. After that Karik and Colin became friends.
During their voyage, they were attacked by a blue-skinned pirate-king called Iron Myc. One of the most feared sky pirates in the world. They fired a huge tangle of frenzied, voracious simian creatures called furgles onto the deck of the Fire Drake but Colin put them all to sleep with a spell.
Captain Baha then activated a magic ring which sped them off to safety, much too fast for the pirates to follow. Baha gave the order to chain up the furgles and keep them in the hold.

The ship arrived at Grehico after a couple of weeks but instead of heading to the nearest port, the ship continued onward into the jungle. All around was a sea of green, jungle as far as the eye could see.

A couple of days later, the Fire Drake arrived at a clearing in which stood a huge golden step pyramid. Baha gave the order for the crew to drop the furgles onto the pyramid.

Colin and Karik are now worried that they are the only members of the crew that do not know what is going on.

The furgles immediately start ripping the pyramid to shreds, emptying out the contents and smashing them on the steps. A terrible roar is heard from some distance away and moments later a serpent like golden dragon came hurtling towards the pyramid.

Colin cast his sleep spell on the dragon and amazingly, it worked. The dragon dozed off in mid air only to be rudely awakened when he smashed into the golden pyramid, destroying the top two floors. Now in a rage it started burning and chewing the furgles while Karik dived off the ship an onto it’s back.

There was a rather messy melee between Karik and the dragon while Baha and his men got the ship ready to ram the dragon. Baha activated his magic ring again for extra speed but unfortunately the ramming attempt missed and the ship was destroyed against the side of a tree, losing half it’s crew.

Colin managed to fire one of the ships cannons and miraculously hit the dragon, ripping it’s left wing off at the shoulder. The dragon slumped down helpless and Karik dealt the coup-de-grace.

The PCs were heroes, until…

Without the dragon’s magic holding it together, the pyramid began to sag under it’s own implausible weight. Whilst the surviving crew and Colin rushed to salvage as much treasure as possible from the place before it collapsed, Karik, who had vowed to bring the pyramid home and present it to his people, rushed to the ship to salvage the ships lightstone. He was hoping that it’s “floatiness” (it’s difficult to imagine what a pre-gravity mind would call it) would help stop the pyramid from collapsing.

Unfortunately for everybody, Karik had seriously underestimated the mis-heaviness of the artifact and it shot up into the air to fast to catch, punching through the deck of the ship and disappearing into space (literally, it’s in space).

Baha vows revenge on Karik for losing the precious heirloom that was his lightstone and for stranding them in the middle of nowhere but he cannot do anything about it now as the best chance for survival is to keep everyone alive, especially the dwarf, who appears to be nigh on unkillable.

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