The Bringer of Night

Session 1 - Voyage to The New World

I'm an adventurer, get me out of here!

Colin and Karik found a place in the crew of the Fire Drake, a merchant air-ship carrying steel weapons to a country in the new world called Grehico.
The captain of the Fire Drake is a very grizzled old captain called Baha. He is missing an eye and a leg.
Karik, unfamiliar with the ways of humans, was about to get himself into trouble with the crew when Colin stopped him from speaking, saving him from humiliation and possibly a violent confrontation. After that Karik and Colin became friends.
During their voyage, they were attacked by a blue-skinned pirate-king called Iron Myc. One of the most feared sky pirates in the world. They fired a huge tangle of frenzied, voracious simian creatures called furgles onto the deck of the Fire Drake but Colin put them all to sleep with a spell.
Captain Baha then activated a magic ring which sped them off to safety, much too fast for the pirates to follow. Baha gave the order to chain up the furgles and keep them in the hold.

The ship arrived at Grehico after a couple of weeks but instead of heading to the nearest port, the ship continued onward into the jungle. All around was a sea of green, jungle as far as the eye could see.

A couple of days later, the Fire Drake arrived at a clearing in which stood a huge golden step pyramid. Baha gave the order for the crew to drop the furgles onto the pyramid.

Colin and Karik are now worried that they are the only members of the crew that do not know what is going on.

The furgles immediately start ripping the pyramid to shreds, emptying out the contents and smashing them on the steps. A terrible roar is heard from some distance away and moments later a serpent like golden dragon came hurtling towards the pyramid.

Colin cast his sleep spell on the dragon and amazingly, it worked. The dragon dozed off in mid air only to be rudely awakened when he smashed into the golden pyramid, destroying the top two floors. Now in a rage it started burning and chewing the furgles while Karik dived off the ship an onto it’s back.

There was a rather messy melee between Karik and the dragon while Baha and his men got the ship ready to ram the dragon. Baha activated his magic ring again for extra speed but unfortunately the ramming attempt missed and the ship was destroyed against the side of a tree, losing half it’s crew.

Colin managed to fire one of the ships cannons and miraculously hit the dragon, ripping it’s left wing off at the shoulder. The dragon slumped down helpless and Karik dealt the coup-de-grace.

The PCs were heroes, until…

Without the dragon’s magic holding it together, the pyramid began to sag under it’s own implausible weight. Whilst the surviving crew and Colin rushed to salvage as much treasure as possible from the place before it collapsed, Karik, who had vowed to bring the pyramid home and present it to his people, rushed to the ship to salvage the ships lightstone. He was hoping that it’s “floatiness” (it’s difficult to imagine what a pre-gravity mind would call it) would help stop the pyramid from collapsing.

Unfortunately for everybody, Karik had seriously underestimated the mis-heaviness of the artifact and it shot up into the air to fast to catch, punching through the deck of the ship and disappearing into space (literally, it’s in space).

Baha vows revenge on Karik for losing the precious heirloom that was his lightstone and for stranding them in the middle of nowhere but he cannot do anything about it now as the best chance for survival is to keep everyone alive, especially the dwarf, who appears to be nigh on unkillable.



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